Acquire customised training to upskill learning

SkillBean offers a free training platform where companies can request for customised training proposals from SkillBean’s learning partners who specialize in: technical skills (e.g. java programming, css programming, etc.) and soft skills (e.g. leadership skills, communication skills, sales training, etc.)

Assign, track, and assess employee training plans for better employee development

Improve your company’s return on investment (ROI) on training and development with SkillBean’s training management system.

Why Invest in Learning and Development

#1 reason

Why employees leave their jobs is because of the inability to learn and grow in their company.

#2 barrier to employee training

Is when the working environment does not

encourage learning.

54% of all employees

Will require significant re-skilling and upskilling in the

next three years.

Only 27% of employees

Feel that they are highly equipped to do their

current jobs.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Increase in Employee Engagement

Improve Company Growth

Upskill Talent Pool

Develop a Learning Culture in the Company

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