Learning Experience Platform

Your ideal workplace

training platform

SkillBean provides the platform to help you organize schedules, purchase training, and streamline feedback products through our Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

SkillBean comes with an integrated data analytics to help understand the learning behavior, history, and training preferences of each employee.

Track your employee’s corporate training to increase your company’s training ROI.


Purchase and assign training to specific employees

Engage employees by targetting their training needs and preferences and purchase courses accordingly through our wallet system.

Customize employee training journeys

Make your employee’s training more effective by customizing their training journeys.

Track attendance and course completion

Stay updated on your employee’s training journeys and keep track of their course progress.

Provide and collect feedback to track training effectiveness

Review and analyze employee’s feedback of training products for informed and significant enterprise decision making.

Learning Journey

Managers can assign milestones, monitor mentorship programs, and create performance improvement plans to promote both the employee’s career development and company’s growth.


Fast Track Employee Growth

Cut Own Training Expenses

Monitor Return on Investment

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