4 Reasons Why You Should Join Startups

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Startups

If you’re looking for a shift in career, or maybe wishing for a strong start, then it may be worth it to look into the startup industry. After all, startups are rapidly flourishing. According to the 2017 Philippine Startup Survey, there are now more than 300 startups in the country and with these new businesses come more career opportunities. Here, we break down four reasons why you should join a startup.

  1. You get to experience a variety of work. If monotony is not for you, then you may just enjoy the diversity that startup work environment has to offer. In established corporations with a clear-cut organizational structure, job descriptions risk being narrow by being too specific. Startups permit you to work on varied projects at any given point in time, allowing you to get out of your comfort zone and experience more growth.
  2. You gain a stronger sense of responsibility. Nothing teaches responsibility more than working with a company that believes in your ability to contribute to the building of the company and its culture. In a startup, your autonomy will be respected and your ideas will be heard; in return, you can challenge yourself to consistently go above and beyond your responsibilities.
  3. You will be surrounded by passionate people. Joining a startup means being a part of a group that is working together to make an idea come to life, and, unsurprisingly, this requires a lot of grit and passion. Remain inspired in your work as you witness and be a part of a proactive and passionate group.
  4. You get to be truly involved and connected. In startups, your involvement matter on a large scale. For one, startups usually have a fluid and dynamic organizational structure; there are not a lot of layers to get to the decision-makers of the company. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions could easily be communicated to the CEO, making it easier for everyone to stay connected and involved.

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