4 Essential Workplace Skills to Develop for a Learning Organization

4 Essential Workplace Skills to Develop for a Learning Organization

The shifting market needs demand an adaptable workforce. Otherwise, it’s too easy for employees to get overwhelmed by the rapid changes, making your organization lag behind significant industry trends. What should employers focus on to develop a learning culture? Here, we identify the top 4 essential workplace skills employers should look for.

1. Communication skills. A growth-oriented workplace is a communicative workplace. With good communication, each employee hears what employers and clients need, understands the stakes, and is honest and active about addressing shortcomings. Without proper communication in the workforce, employees feel less connected with the organizational goals.

2. Collaboration. Collaboration does not just mean being able to work with a group; it also means knowing when not to work with a group. It also means that employees must actively seek feedback and be graceful with criticisms and, more than that, they must know how to give it properly. Without collaborative skills, employees may have a difficult time facing challenges as a collective. And with plenty of foreseeable changes, challenges are bound to be inevitable.

3. Decision making. With the shifts and changes, it becomes imperative that the employees are included in the decision making processes of the organization. After all, it’s not just the company leaders that are navigating new terrain. And even in their day-to-day, employees must know how to prioritize company goals and objectives. More than that, it is important for them to gain enough knowledge and confidence to be able to make urgent decisions without the need for hand-holding.

4. Versatility. A growing workforce demands versatile employees. This means that the team must be able to maintain grace in the face of changes and must consistently deliver maximum results despite uncertainties. With enough versatility, the workforce will do more than just work through the changes, but will also learn from it.

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