STORM Life as told by the STORM Scouts

STORM Life as told by the STORM Scouts

STORM Learning aims to provide a holistic learning environment not just for our employees, but also for our interns. Last June to July, we partnered with STORM Technologies for the STORM Scouts program–the ultimate internship experience for aspiring startup entrepreneurs. Read on to know what the interns thought of the STORM experience!

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Carlo Mendoza

(BS Computer Science, Ateneo de Manila University)

STORM Scouts Carlo Mendoza

“For me, the best part about being a STORM Learning Scout is having to work in an environment that encourages and promotes learning and development. I like how we, interns, were treated as actual employees. I was tasked to create outputs that will actually be integrated to the platform, so this had made me accountable in my work. I had a mentor who was approachable and patient, so it was easy for me to ask questions and learn new things. What I liked the most about working with my mentor was that he gave instructions and guidance in a way that encourages self-learning. Whenever I asked questions on how to solve a particular problem, he only gave me possible approaches, but it was up to me on how to carry out the solution. We were also encouraged to join events and conferences where I was given an opportunity to develop my speaking and social skills. I have two main takeaways from my experience working at STORM Learning: First, it is important to build a good work culture because this impacts the way people think, act and reflect in an organization or company. Second, if we want to bring people into action with our ideas, we need to believe on our ideas first. For instance, if we really believe in our product, the things that we will say about it will just come out naturally and with that we will be able to better persuade people to do something with it.”

Richard Pagador

(BS Management Information System, Ateneo de Manila University)

“The thing I thought about internships was that you have a supervisor, he tells you want to do and you do it, end of story. That was not the case with STORM. It was fun, the genuine kind, and it held true to its motto of humanizing the workplace. Despite being an intern, STORM made me feel like I wasn’t through the friendly and homey atmosphere. I would occasionally hum a song from the 70’s or 80’s and my mentor would say its title and say, “If you liked those kinds of songs, listen to Bread” and so I would. Life in the company was not just limited to the table but there were also events in STORM where everyone would get together and just plainly have fun.

Probably the best part of my stay with STORM was that it had a program, the STORM Scouts program. My initial thoughts about my internship was that I would be glued to my computer screen trying to troubleshoot or learn code, but STORM made a roadmap for us that helped us develop our soft skills as well. These skills involved public speaking, managing, and pitching. Not only that but also encouraged us to present an original idea that tested my creativity and pitching in Product Champs. In addition to that, the STORMERS Game Night promoted my managing and planning skills as I was appointed the head of the project where I found vital for my upcoming Project Management thesis.

My time with STORM taught me that working is not the Hollywood depiction that is gray, boring and lifeless with no end in sight. It taught me that work can be fun, learning can be fun, and most of all, growth can be fun.”

DM Yashwanth

(Bachelor of Engineering, KS Institute of Technology)

STORM DM Yashwanth

“STORM provides a very good foundation for new learners. It made me feel excited and fun. The excitement and learning experience at STORM makes it one of a kind. Exposure to new tech related environment added more value to my experience and also made me confident in what I was working on. STORM transforms a person into a quick learner which decreased the fear and my hesitation to be open to learn new things. This led to my individual betterment.

The working culture in STORM is very distinct and skillful because of the collective and individual support combined to achieve the ultimate goal. Each worker can work according to his or her rules and follow an independently designed framework within the defined boundary of the organization. This helps us feel more productive and efficient. Overall, the experience made me realize that the ability to learn is a skill, and the opportunity to learn at STORM is a gift.”

Vince Domingo

(BS Management, Ateneo de Manila University)

“Personally, the best part about being a STORM scout was having the opportunity to work with a group of dynamic and open-minded people. From the first day of my internship, the team already established a very “idea-friendly” atmosphere. What I mean by this is that the team always encouraged ideas, comments, suggestions, feedback, etc. This led to a very creative and nurturing environment that really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to think critically, ask questions, and speak my mind. Whoever I was addressing, even it be our company’s CEO, I was always confident that they’d listen and respect my views and thoughts. Personally, this is what I found to be the best part of being a STORM Learning Scout; being able to work with dynamic and open-minded people that trusted me and my views; that viewed and treated me as a unique individual to whom they know can bring new and innovative ideas to the company.”

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