STORM Scouts 2018: The ultimate internship experience for aspiring startup entrepreneurs

STORM Scouts 2018: The ultimate internship experience for aspiring startup entrepreneurs

In partnership with STORM Technologies, STORM Learning (currently SkillBean aimed to develop the potential of young college students through the STORM Scouts–the ultimate internship experience for aspiring startup entrepreneurs. Here, we breakdown the core ideas behind the program and how we equipped the Scouts with the skills and experiences for the startup life.

1. Culture is king

STORM Scouts

As an organization, STORM has always championed company culture. Throughout our hiring process, we emphasize the importance of finding people who would fit and grow within our set of values and culture. The same process applied as we screened our potential Scouts. Our application process tested the applicants not just on their skills, but also on their values and whether or not they align with the STORM culture.

In their first week, DM Varun (CEO, STORM Learning) facilitated an activity for the Scouts that aimed to help them identify their Why’s. Deirdre Conde (Product Head, STORM Technologies) then followed it up with a talk on how to operationalize their Big Why’s. Together, the talks aimed to give the Scouts direction throughout the internship program.

2. Learn continuously

In STORM, we value learning. In order to create a culture of learning and continuous feedback among the Scouts, we have assigned each of them a Scout Counselor tasked to guide them in their roles and duties.

STORM Scouts

We also held a book club on one of STORM’s core books (yes, we have core books) “How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg where we exchanged ideas and learned from Google’s values and way of work. After all, there’s no such thing as learning too much.

3. Meaningful work

Through the Scouts program, we challenge the stigma surrounding internships. The program is designed to ensure that it provides the Scouts a holistic internship experience that is would not focus on their errand-running, coffee-making skills. The Scouts were treated like actual employees and were given tasks that mattered for the organizations’ goals. Some Scouts experienced pitching to clients (and a few even closed some!), deploying code, building and implementing systems and more.

In the middle of the program, we also gave each Scout 15 minutes to pitch an original idea (which may or may not be related to STORM) that could improve the status quo or address real-world issues. They were then given feedback to help them build on their ideas. We also held a 3-day design sprint where the Scouts proposed ways to improve on STORM’s processes and systems.

STORM Scouts

4. Fun

STORM Scouts

As part of their objectives, the Scouts were required to hold a game night for the STORMers. The Scouts gave it their all and threw us an Avengers-themed game night entitled “STORMers: Infinity Wars.” The STORMers were all up for the shenanigans they prepared as the game night provided the team the much needed mid-week breather.

5. More learning

We believe that one can never learn too much, and we made sure that the Scouts program is one learning-filed day after another. Don’t believe us? Take it from the STORM Scouts themselves. Watch this:

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